Whatever your thoughts are about God or the Church we WELCOME you. Wherever your life journey has taken you, you are WELCOMED! Begin your journey with us at Light House Deliverance Ministries. We are all on a Spiritual journey and are in pursuit of Jesus and to build a relationship with him.


We are a Light House searching for lost souls.
We are the family of God and a Church that Loves.
We are a Church that serves the Community.
We are a Hospital, healing in all areas.

We are a Church that believes in the whole Bible, and to Love all people no matter who they are or what they have been through.

We are a Church to Empower Gods people with the word of God. We are to fight in the Spirit and to be Successful and Prosperous.

We are a Church to Equip Gods people with knowledge to grow and to fulfill Gods purpose for their lives.

God has ordained Light House Deliverance Ministries be a Hospital and Deliverance station for the sick and hurting people.

We are a Church that strives to assist the Community with outreach programs.

We are a Church that follows the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Core Values

Prayer: we are committed to continue prayer. 
Luke 18:1

Faith: We are committed to faith in Jesus Christ as expressed in the Bible. 
Heb 11:6

Worship: we are committed to continual Worship to God in Spirit and in Truth.
John 4:24

Gifting: We are committed to utilizing the gifts of all believers who are called by God.
Ephesians 4:11

Biblical Teaching: We are committed to biblical teaching that transforms lives.

Outreach: We are committed to bringing people to personal faith in Jesus Christ.
Matthew 28:19-20

Excellence: We are committed to Excellence in everything God calls us to do.
Daniel 1:20